DrTuber Video Downloader

DrTuber Video Downloader

DrTube will let you you download full copies of online videos
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DrTube will let you you download full copies of online videos –even in high definition, and not only that, it also allows converting the downloaded clips into your preferred format.
A minimalist interface with only one window in which the necessary steps have been placed from top to bottom makes the downloading task easy. The first step consists on providing the video page URL, and this application will take care of stripping the real file URL. As a second step, you may also provide the output folder, but you can avoid it if you do not mind using the default folder. Then, you can specify the site where the video is stored, from a list of around 30 supported sites. Again, you may skip this step if you trust this program’s capability to determine that automatically. Next, you will need to set the format the downloaded video will be converted to from a list of 9 video and 2 audio formats. If you do not want the video to be converted, you may leave it in flv format. An additional option will ask this tool to download the video in high definition. After setting these options, the video will be added to a list where several files can be downloaded at the same time. Some options will let you start or stop downloading, remove a file from the list, open the output folder or play a video clip. Finally, you will find some links at one of the sides to access support information from the developer’s site.
At present there are many software applications capable of downloading from video sites. Some of them will work as web browser add-ons, others as standalone programs. DrTube integrates with your browser allowing automatic detection of video content when you are navigating the Internet, and this is definitely an advantage over its rivals.

Pedro Castro
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  • It downloads high definition videos
  • It integrates with your browser
  • It converts to popular video formats
  • It is freeware


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